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1. Installing software in Ubuntu Software Center (Application – Ubuntu Software Center) is the most direct way.
You can install software from departments such as education, developer tools and Office. I used the search bar on the top right corner and installed Chrome which is my favorite web browser.
2. You can also install software in Synaptic Package Manager (System – Administration – Synaptic Package Manager). I searched and installed “XPDF” which is a light-weight PDF viewer. When you check the “Mark for Installation”, a window may pop out and ask  if you would like to mark additional required changes, because some other packages are affected during installation. You can just click “Mark” and “Apply” to install them all.
Here is the screen shot of XPDF:
3. Many developers or “Geeks” prefer to install software by using the Ubuntu Terminal (Applications- Accessories – Terminal), because they are familiar with Linux commands. Here is an introduction to  Using the Terminal in Ubuntu Documentation.  I installed Abiword which is a free word-processing program similar to Microsoft Word.
4. Sometimes, you can just go to the official site of software and check if it is available for Linux. I downloaded Dropbox on Ubuntu so that I can sync some folders from another Laptop.

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