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I posted a blog last week about how to overcome this challenge, but when I tried to access my site at other places, it did not work. I think it’s a big mistake that I was trying to configure my router on campus. My apartment provides free wireless Internet  networks so that I don’t need to use Comcast service. Thus, I was trying  to set up the server at my friend’s lab. However, according to the policy of the wireless network, routers not approved by University POA are not allowed on the network at UTK. (http://oit.utk.edu/helpdesk/kb/entry/118/)

OK, I have to find a new place and do it again……

I decided to set up my server in my friend’s home. He has been using a Motorola SURF board Wireless Cable Modem gateway. It combines a modem and a wireless access point.

In my first attempt, I have already installed Apache on my server. Thus, I just configured Apache and fixed the error about server’s fully qualified domain name. Then, I edited the index.html by following the tutorial mentioned in Clem0613’s blog.

Then, I tried to configure the routers. I connected them in this way:

I logged into the Motolora modem/router by using the default IP from another laptop, and found the IP address of ASUS router( In the configuration interface of Motorola router, I also got the IP address of WAN: After that, I set up the port forward from Motolora modem/ router to ASUS one.

Afterward, I typed “ifconfig” in Ubuntu Terminal window and got the IP address of my server: Http:// Then, I opened ASUS router IP address (Http://, and set up port forward from ASUS router to my server.

Well, it is a little bit complicated because of two routers. However, it really works.

Check this out:


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