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Install Drupal7 on server

Updated on 3/31/2011

My reflection on the first failed attempt:

1. I didn’t configure Apache2 for Drupal. I think that’s the reason why I couldn’t download modules by Drush. There was no “Drupal” file under the /var/www/. Even though my drupal6 site  http://dwangit566.dyndns.org/drupal6/ is accessible, it hasn’t been downloaded on my server!

2. The IP Address hosted on DDNS changed after I installed drupal6! I have already fixed this problem. Thanks to Jason (jbIT566) and Julie (clem0613) for giving me feedback about the unaccessibility of my drupal site.

This time I installed Drupal7 on my server. I followed the steps indicated in this article: How to install drupal 7 on ubuntu.

Then, I navigated  to Apache’s host name and follow drupal 7 installer to complete drupal installation.

Here is the screen shot of my drupal7 site:

URL: http://dwangit566.dyndns-server.com/drupal/


First try on 3/28/2011


1. Install Drupal by using Ubuntu Terminal window:

sudo apt-get install drupal6

After the installation, you will:

a.  Choose mysql as database type

b.  Set up administrative account password

c.  Login Mysql application password for drupal6

2. Restart the web server

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

3. Configure database for drupal6

According to this article: How to install drupal6 at Ubuntu, you need to open this link: http://localhost/drupal6/install.php to see the Drupal install pages.

3.Configure your Drupal site


4. Check Drupal site in your web browser:

Here is mine: http://dwangit566.dyndns.org/drupal6/